Our Client relationships are Paramount

We have always treasured the relationships we
have had with our clients, during the project and
on an ongoing basis. We measure the success of
a project by the reactions we get from them and
the following statements make us very proud.
Stephen T. Terhune,  Architect, LLC

Chuck Converse
Converse Builders and Developers, Inc.

I have been extremely pleased with the work Steve Terhune has done for our company. He is always responsive to our
needs and
those of our customers and really cares about the quality of the finished product.

The homes Steve designed in the Nantucket-on-the-Severn community and at other locations have been a source of great
for our company.

Steve has worked  beyond his role as  architect to be an active team member and partner in the process of developing
homes and
communities. The quality of his designs speak for themselves, and are on the cutting edge of Annapolis-area architecture.
All of
our customers have been extremely pleased working with Steve. A typical comment we hear over and over again is that,
listened to what we wanted and gave us our dreamhouse.” And they feel that he has a way of making all of his clients feel
that they
are his number-one priority.

We continue to work with Steve on present and future projects and look forward to many more successes together.

Chris and Wendy Urban
Client for a waterfont home in Annapolis, Maryland

At every point in our  project our confidence in Steve grew as we saw him develop our needs into a house that not only fits
our lifestyle, but is tailored to our waterfront site beautifully. We never expected to be able to see the water from almost
every room of the house and the views are framed like postcard scenes. When people visit the house they are amazed that
even the rooms opposite from the water side have significant views of not only the water but the domes of the Capital and
Naval Academy in the distance. The way Steve angled the wings of the house allowed for those views, opened the view from
the central rooms to the waterfront, and created an open yet intimate backyard space.

A great floor plan and exterior massing is important but the details are the key to the success of a project and the reason
why hiring an architect is mandatory for anyone who cares about quality. Steve takes the details very seriously and
endeavors to create interesting wall, ceiling, floor, window and trim designs that, although unique and magnificent, have a
classic timeless look and are surprisingly affordable. Everyone is very impressed by Steve's ceiling details, for instance,
and rightfully so, yet the cost of those treatments is insignificant in proportion to their visual effect.

Steve worked very well with our builder despite the fact that he did not know them previously.  Steve's follow-through and
continued dedication to the project during construction has been a real key to the great outcome. He has always made
himself available on short notice and the contractor and subs seem to really enjoy working with him.

We really love what Steve has done to enhance our home and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tom and Molly Tardivo
Client: Major home remodeling, Edgewater, MD

The best thing we did in our remodeling project was to hire Steve Terhune.

When we began we never imagined what could be done to our very outdated home to transform it, and with Steve’s steady
guidance we ended up with a really beautiful, cost effective final product . Due to the care Steve used in his design, we ended
up with a very dramatic transformation within a tight budget- a really “big-bang-for-the-buck”. One of Steve’s great strengths
is his ability to transform not only the inside in a dramatic way, but also the outside living for the home, adding a new
character to our backyard which was previously useless to us. He always made us feel comfortable, and we maintained
confidence in him throughout the long process. Friends and neighbors compliment the design each time we proudly show off
our  “new” home.

He was a great help in dealing with conflicts we had with the builder, helping to arbitrate the differences we had and was a
key to the successful administration of the contract.  His judgement was a calming force in a difficult process.

Steve’s fee was lower than the other  Annapolis “high-end” architects would have been, but the result of his work seems to
exceed the quality of their work. We found a friend and a kindred spirit in Steve and are thankful for the contribution he has
made to our lives.

John Riley
President Riley custom Homes & Renovations

My company has worked with Steve Terhune in two roles:  as an architect on a very large and detailed residential project,
and as a consultant to us on a design-build remodeling. We have developed an excellent relationship with Steve because,
more than most architects we work with, he understands construction and the costs of construction as a result of his own
experience in the construction field, and because of his willingness to work with builders as a team.

On the large residence our field personnel and I have found Steve to be a guy who thinks out of the box and always seems to
zero in on solutions that make sense from both a design and practical perspective. He is well-liked by everyone from the
superintendent to the lowest guy on the totem pole because he treats everyone with respect and tries to make their job
easier, not harder.

On the design-build project, we approached Steve to lend us his design skills on a small but challenging waterfront
remodeling project. The owner was so enamoured by Steve's ideas that she decided to increase her budget by 100%. That
project is a showcase of how to get the most bang for the buck. It was successful for us because it reflected well on my
company in the form of an extremely happy client. I would recommend to any builder that Steve can help their bottom line
and  earn his reasonable fee many times over, besides helping us satisfy our customers.

We enthusiastically recommend him to anyone searching for a qualified, thoughtful architect.

Douglas T. Noakes, President and CEO
Winchester Homes, Inc., a Weyerhaeuser Company
Calton Homes, Inc.
Rocky Gorge Homes, Inc.

As President and CEO of 3 production homebuilding companies, I have worked with Steve for nearly 20 years. During that
time he ran the in-house architectural group for the D.C. /Baltimore homebuilding division of the Weyerhaeuser Corporation,
and provided consulting services to my next company, Calton Homes of New Jersey (now a Centex Company), and later he
consulted for me at Rocky Gorge Homes (now a Hovnanian company) serving the suburban D.C. market.

Steve is the most knowledgeable architect I know in the area of production homebuilding and he is my go-to guy for design of
new product lines.

Together we formatted winning strategies and created a systematic approach to standardizing construction methods and
architectural detailing. All of this contributed directly to the success of these companies.

Steve will always be a member of my team.

Bill and Laura Westervelt
Client for a beach house in Bethany Beach, De

We are extremely pleased with the work Steve Terhune did on our Bethany Beach home. He listened carefully to our needs
and came up with a design that, although totally unique, was buildable and cost-effective.

Steve really enhanced our lot, tailoring it to our needs, and we use every bit of it. It is really a livable home- functional and
beautiful throughout. That fact is evidenced by the publication of it  as the July ‘07 cover story in Chesapeake Home

We have seen numerous homes that don’t take advantage of their lot, but Steve was able to achieve water views from an
amazing number of our rooms.

Richard Willis
Board Member, The Severna Park Community Center- Severna Park, MD
Owner’s Representative for the Community Center expansion and remodeling

Steve Terhune provided an incredibly unique and creative solution to a very difficult problem in our expansion of the
Community Center. He worked closely with the Building Committee, involving himself in every aspect of the project, even
showing a personal dedication to fund-raising. He was always available to us throughout the 8 year project.

We were presented with the seemingly daunting challenge of including a gym without violating the residential character and
scale of the neighborhood. Sinking the gym halfway underground was a brilliant idea Steve had that solved the problem, and
it allowed us to create some dramatic spaces inside.

Steve was great to work with during the construction phase, always made himself available to me and the builder, and
consistently proved that he really understands the construction process.  I found him always to be technically proficient and
knowledgeable about the codes related to commercial construction.

The new building is a beautiful design and a great addition to the community. It has a great street presence and , at the same
time that it is a noticeable addition to the area, it has a feeling of always having been there- it just fits in perfectly.  Our users
love it and the residents of Severna Park recognize it as a true town center.

Sharon Wallenstrom
Client for 2 homes and the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis, MD

Besides being a great architect Steve has a great facility for making his client feel at ease through a process that would
otherwise be very difficult.

He has done 3 successful projects for us- 2 home remodelings and the City Dock Café. In the first house he transformed a
characterless house into a showplace. It was hard to believe that it was the same house! What was accomplished, for a
relatively small expenditure, was spectacular and added a lot of value to the house.

The second house project, our dream waterfront, started off as an outdated bungalow with an odd layout and no views. His
ideas about relocating the kitchen, foyer and master bedroom were a good example of his ability to “think out of the box”.

His work on the City Dock Café gave it a character that made it a successful business, and a big draw for our customer base
who were looking for a “friendly” up-market, but comfortable and homey environment.

He took a small space and created a design that as since been copied by others, and for good reason: it works! The
character of the project was a key element in our ability to sell the business. Even today it is a focus of activity for the

Ryan And Jenn Diez
Clients for a major home remodeling, Severna Park, MD

When we started our remodeling project we hadn’t thought we would end up with such an incredible result. We constantly
receive compliments from friends and neighbors, and our home really attracts attention from the adjacent golf course!

Steve worked well with our existing house to create a seamless, cohesive design that fits very naturally on the site.
He worked closely with the builder as a real team member, was always available to us day or night, and really seemed to
care about our project’s outcome.

Looking at the final product you can see evidence of his attention to detail- inside and out. His design made incredible use of
the golf-course views.

Steve is the best choice for homeowners who want a reasonable fee with a top-notch outcome.

Gonzalo Fernandez
Partner- Jalapenos Restaurant, Restaurante Serrano- Annapolis, MD

I have known Steve for 11 years. During that time he has been an important part of our efforts to create successful
restaurants. When we started our first project, Steve’s reasonable fee and cost-effective ideas made the project feasible on
our small budget. When Jalapenos became immediately successful we knew we had to expand and Steve designed a
beautiful addition and remodeling that allowed us create an atmosphere that makes us a Latin oasis in a basic strip shopping

We get constant positive comments from patrons who love the way Steve divided the dining room into 2 parts separated by
a beautiful fireplace. That idea alone was a great example of Steve’s ability to make a simple space special at minimal
expense. His design has contributed to the fact that we have been voted best overall restaurant by Bay Weekly and continue
to do incredible lunch and dinner business.

Steve continues to help us in the development of additional restaurants, and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants
a great outcome to their project.

David and Diane Smith
Client for a home in Nantucket-On-The-Severn, Severna Park, MD

Steve is an amazing architect! Seeing is believing and our house is evidence of his talents and attention to detail. But  what
doesn’t show to the eye is how carefully he listened to our needs and provided a design that fits us like a glove- a real

Every day we notice new things that we love about the house. Steve worked hand-in-hand with the builder, Chuck Converse,
to achieve a really seamless enjoyable process. The design, although different from any home we have ever seen, has a
great balance of tradition and the latest low maintenance materials and technology.

One of the things we really like about Steve’s designs is that his rear elevations are as great as the fronts! And he really
focuses on the relationship of interior and exterior spaces. We are looking forward to soaking in our pool and looking back at
the beautiful view of our new home. All of our neighbors who have hired Steve say the same glowing things about him and
are very happy with their results.

We highly recommend him.

Craig Lakin
Managing Director, Senior Network, LLC

Given the successful outcome of 3 buildings designed by Steve Terhune for our company, he will always be our one and only

Steve really listens to our needs and creates unique solutions that really work. His layout for our 14-bed senior-living units
are simple and efficient and possess a character that is welcoming and homelike. I especially like the way he integrated
indoor and outdoor activities.

During the design phase I was amazed at how Steve turned our needs into a solid exciting plan. He sketched a master plan
on a napkin, literally,  at our first meeting that really hit the nail on the head, and the finished product never wavered from that
design. We knew he was our guy at that meeting and  as he developed the design it just got better and better. Instead of just
designing 3 separate buildings he created a cohesive complex that makes them work together and provides maximum
impact to first-time visitors.

Our adult day-care building receives many compliments and is not only a feast for the eyes but is extremely functional. The
architecture makes our business a real stand-out among senior facilities. Steve’s experience in hospitals, nursing homes
and other health related facilities coupled with his multi-family experience make him a great choice for our building types.

Steve always seeks excellence in his projects and we recommend him without reservation.

Chris and Karen Hartke, Stevensville, MD
Client for a major residential remodeling

Steve has a great combination of incredible creativity and strong project management. He has really transformed our home
with ideas far beyond what we ever imagined. The design really fits our way of living. He really grasped what were saying,
and took us far beyond our dreams . Besides that he has been a great help in dealing with serious contractor issues. He
stands by his clients.

During the bid process, Steve really took charge and led us through the uncharted waters of hiring a contractor who would
give us the most for the least.
We met Steve because we literally chased him down with our car as he was pulling into an incredible home he designed in
our neighborhood. We immediately felt comfortable with him, and were impressed that he visited his projects on Sundays!

We could not recommend him more highly.

Peter Paisz, Pasadena, MD

Client for a new residence

My wife and I absolutely love the house Steve designed for us. Building on the water on a very narrow lot presented
numerous challenges that Steve helped us maneuver. His ideas and an eye for detail that incorporated our desires was off
the charts. He was very patient and understood our budget constraints. Steve was able to provide us our dream home and
still adhere to our budget. Steve was very helpful in dealing with the builders to insure they understood our requirements
while maintaining Steve's fabulous design.
I highly recommend Steve for any architectural requirements no matter how small. One of the best things about Steve is he
treats you with the utmost respect and you never feel like your project is too small. I can't say that about some of the other
architects I interviewed.

Stacy-Ann Bryson, Crofton, MD

Client for a major residential remodeling

Love working with Steve. He had so many ideas on what we can do for our addition. He even came up with dramatic layouts
that will save us money.

Craig Duda, Queenstown, MD

Client for a new residence

Steve was recommended to me for my custom home project by a trusted friend who had worked with him on many projects
previously. From the beginning it was evident his experience in designing homes that both met the owners expectations and
that fulfilled the architectural flavor of the waterfront setting I owned would be met. He was able to identify what was
important to me and then conceptualize a finished product that exceeded my expectations. Steve is always professional,
informed, and accessible, and his assistance in other aspects of the project - from interviewing builders to working with site
engineers and local government agencies was invaluable. I would highly recommend Steve for any project you may be

Jennifer Schumacher,  Severna Park, MD

Client for a major residential remodeling

After purchasing an older home with many complicated features, including steep water front slopes, additions built very
close to the street, and strict building codes we were overwhelmed! At our first meeting, Steve listened intently to our
concerns regarding maintaining the homes original charm, maximizing water views, and designing open, updated living
spaces within our budget. Steve's creativity, talent, and professionalism assuaged our fears that we would not be able to
make this house the home of which we dreamed. His knowledge of architecture, design, and the building process are
invaluable as well as his desire to see the project through to the finish.

Terry Soesbee,  Baltimore, MD

Client for residential and commercial projects

My first project with Steve was for my personal residence which was really a Masterpiece!!!! Despite a very difficult general
contractor, Steve was able to translate our vision of the perfect home into reality. As a result of our experience with him on
our home, my company has worked with Steve on many very successful commercial and residential projects. He'll certainly
will be my first choice for my next new dream home.

J. Roberts,  Millersville, MD

Client for a residential project

We retained Mr. Terhune to design our house. We live on a five acre horse farm and wanted a spacious home that resembled
a country manor look with a soft welcoming feeling. Mr. Terhune's design met all of our expectations and more. Steve
worked very well with our builder and now we live in a spectacular and spacious (13,000 sq. ft.) home that was featured in
Annapolis Home magazine last year.
We highly recommend Steve. He is very creative and will take exceptional time to listen to your thoughts and instructions to
come up with the right design for your house..
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