Traditional media
Stephen T. Terhune,  Architect, LLC
Steve Terhune is a leader in the
mid- Atlantic region in advanced 3D
computer rendering and animation,
and video presentations. Using the
computer as a design and
presentation tool, he allows clients
and government agencies to better
visualize projects, from
photorealistic still images to video
walk-thru's of proposed structures,
Steve Terhune offers his clients a
powerful tool not offered by the
great majority of the country's
design firms.

These 3D images and animations
have proven in presentations to city
and county agencies that they add
realism and credibility to the
project. The proven accuracy of
these images transcends typical
hand-drawn renderings which are
often viewed with scepticism. In fact
this technology is allowed as
evidence in courts of law for the
purpose of accident and crime
scene reconstruction.

This exciting approach to design
studies and presentations has also
proven to be very cost effective.
The Marriott Corporation engaged
Steve Terhune to create images of
proposed remodeling of suites in a
Washington, D.C. Facility. That
project was performed at a fraction
of the cost of a full-scale mock-up,
and allowed for viewing of infinite
variations of color, pattern and

Using the latest in digital
photography and Photo shop tricks
and techniques, Steve Terhune can
produce dazzling images in the field
and the studio. And, utilizing
advanced digital video equipment
and techniques,  he has helped
clients project their visions and
capabilities to their target market
through animation and live video.

Beside this high tech- approach,
Steve Terhune can provide clients
with more traditional presentation
media, including pencil sketches,
airbrush, acrylics and intricate scale
  • Look at these examples of model making, renderings, acrylic and oil painting,
    photography, video production, and web site and logo design.
  • We can do anything involving these media for your project or presentation. Images
    with impact that will sell!
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