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  • The key to the long-term success of any large-scale
    building or complex is a sound master-plan.
  • Steve Terhune seeks to maximize the quality and
    profitability of the project for his institutional and
    development clients.
In the mid 1980's, as a project manager for a
commercial development firm, Steve Terhune
provided land -planning services to the
company's effort to market land acquisitions.
As a primary Developer, E.C. Garcia and
Company was a primary developer,
purchasing parcels as large as 12 square
miles , subdividing them into smaller parcels,
planning roads, utilities, establishing water
company's and selling them to secondary

Steve provided plans for those parcels,
working with County,  State and Federal
agencies and prospective purchasers to
develop and market those properties. For,
example, the 709 acre parcel pictured below
included a golf course design by Steve. He
accompanied the buyer to the desert site and
walked the course with him, showing him the
site's advantages, the practicality of the layout
and eventually selling him on the project.

In the eastern region, Steve has provided a
long-term plan to The Reading Rehabilitation
Hospital for an  80-acre parcel adjacent to
their primary facility for a multilevel adult care
development , including skilled nursing,
alzheimers care, independent-living and
medical office functions. The plan works
around a large holding pond, utilizing  it as a
focal point, provides a tree-lined grand entry
drive, and hosts a chapel symbolically
perched overlooking the site.
Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, Reading, PA
Expansion Master Plan
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